Welcome to Project Staffing Company!

PSC is a full-service staffing company performing business and technology consulting, and professional services, and providing highly qualified and experienced specialists for your projects worldwide. We are dedicated to creating unique experience and remarkable customer satisfaction for all our customers, big and small, throughout the commitment and dedication of our every consultant.

Do you have an ongoing project? Is its completion critical for your business? Do you need to meet a deadline? Don't have all the necessary resources? Or you can't find valuable resources in your area? We can help you. Our staff is there to serve you. We employ only the best. Our people are recognized specialists in their fields. We can provide you with a team of most reliable people whose number one mission is to help you succeed.

Or maybe you can't afford to hire the entire team full time? Did you recently have a layoff and now it impedes your operations? Do your existing customers require a support you can no longer provide? We can help you there too. We offer you our services at highly competitive rates.

Why PSC?

• Highly skilled, well trained, most qualified and experienced, field tested personnel
• Thorough candidate screening and continuous performance monitoring
• Nearly two decades of experience and global presence
• Strong methodology and high quality commitment behind every project we take on
• Professionalism and customer satisfaction at competitive rates
• Professional Services On Demand SM whenever you need them

Services Network @ Project Staffing Company

Services Network @ Project Staffing Company offers a set of online tools and value added services designed to empower the employers and help employees manage their careers.